A story between pleasure and pain

Can you hear me, dear? I’d love when i near you, talk to you. But now I am trying to move on toward somebody near you who just like shit for me. Cause I am still dreaming about him after he leave. Every night. Over and over again. And even I chat with you, sense and nonsense, I’d love every our conversation, but my heart still feel warm and pain towards him. Ah, let me tell you that you mean to me before i close enough with him. Ya, i love you from the start but we’re just friend and it breaks myheart. I am trying to move on from you and then i choosen the wrong option: getting closer to somebody arround you. I should’ve kill myself. I regret anything what i’ve done. I crying about him and of course about you. And this dull heart feeling hate and love in the same time. I am sucks. I knew it. Looking happy friendship story about you and him makes me bitter. I should quit from this hole and just gonna find another you both.